Breaking Through...

Breaking Through Transitional Services is a new specialised service providing pre-release treatment programs, transitional housing, reintegration and after care support for Indigenous prisoners being released from correctional facilities.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - "We believe that all consumers are individuals and deserve an opportunity to identify and develop an individualised treatment plan for their lifestyles that will support long term reintegration and recovery".

MISSION STATEMENT - "To break the cycle of incarceration and recidivism impacting men and women through life changing education, empowerment and transition to family and community reintegration".

"Breaking Through identifies the need for comprehensive support for prisoners pre and post release to minimise recidivism and enhance opportunities for successful reintegration with their families and the wider community."

The need for additional transitional services throughout both correctional centres and the community is extremely high, moreover, of growing concern is the re-offending of prisoners associated with substance abuse issues perpetuating the cycle of addiction,violence and crime.

Breaking through has developed The "Life Changes" Program to assist prisoners whilst institutionalised with a holistic approach towards transitioning, reintegration and long term recovery.

Indigenous Australians make up almost one quarter of Australia's prison population. In the past years, Indigenous Australians have continued to fill our country's prisons at alarmingly disproportionate rates. The issues experienced by Indigenous offenders are significant and complex. The strong links between substance abuse and Indigenous incarceration highlight an urgent need to address this disturbing problem..

Treatment is far more cost effective compared to imprisonment costs, the social and family costs associated with offending and the health complications that often accompany alcohol and drug misuse. Treatment provides an opportunity for the recovery of the individual, with a resultant reduction in re-offending, a better environment for children and improved safety for the community.

Solutions for the excessive incarceration of aboriginal people throughout Australia must be identified and provisions put in place for heavy support that must address the underlying determinants of incarceration and recidivism. The model we have adopted will integrate social, mental and physical health perspectives as fundamental components of our service delivery. There is every reason to believe that the holistic service we will provide will make real differences in minimising re-offending, supporting reintegration and produce positive long term outcomes for drug and alcohol recovery.